Single Camera Production

Dreams of Gold location shoot. Dreams of Gold location shoot.

Many productions, commercial and industrial, are covered by a single camera, either as a record of the event, or as raw material for a subsequent edit.

The type of production that is usually shot using the single camera production technique is a scripted project for Theatrical or Home Theater release. A majority of Hollywood Films are shot using a single camera.

The standard kit for this style of shooting is often refered to ENG (Electronic News Gathering). Today the basic kit is consists of a high definition camera, tripod with fluid head, hand held and lavalier microphones and an on camera video light.

Extra Production Value might require (at extra charge) a camera dolly on wheels or dolly track, stedi-cam, camera crane, boom microphone, teleprompter and field light kit.

stablity camera mount

Joe Micalizzi shooting with a special camera stabilizing mount system.


Joe Micalizzi filming a Music Video using a Stedi-cam.


Joe Micalizzi; Director of Photography with Director Allen Sowelle using a Teleprompter.


Joe Micalizzi

Joe Micalizzi is a Director of Photography and Producer with over 40 yrs. experience as a Photographer/Videographer. In the past 15 yrs. he has stayed current and gained expertise as a Digital Cinematographer.
Joe is also a Technical Director for multi-camera live switched productions that are oftened streamed.

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